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Does Salt affect your Oral Health?

Does salty food cause oral health problems?

Sodium consumption is generally understood to be damaging for overall health. Intake of too much dietary sodium is associated with high blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association. Today, Dr. Mark Reichman analyzes salt’s affect on your oral health. Or rather, sodium’s affect on your oral health.

Sodium is not exactly the salt you shake onto bland foods. Salt alone does not damage tooth enamel. It’s the sodium component of unhealthy foods, and usually high-carb foods and high in sodium. Even more so, these foods are usually highly processed.  The American Heart Association warns against using salt liberally in your diet. If products are already sugary and rich in carbs,  like pizza, pasta, breads, and snacks like pretzels and chips, they should be enjoyed infrequently in moderation. These treats are among the top carriers of sodium in the American diet. They may be relatively low in sugar but their starches metabolize into simple sugars. Processed foods like the ones mentioned above often contribute to higher potential for decay and disease.

The bacteria in your mouth that grows into plaque and tartar multiplies through exposure to simple sugars.  The longer the unhealthy elements remain in your mouth, the higher the risk on your tooth enamel.

So, damage can be prevented by avoiding sodium-rich foods.

However, applying sodium it to your teeth through certain tools is actually beneficial. The American Dental Association approves sodium lauryl sulfate and other sodium-based compounds because they act as foaming detergents. Mild salt rinses are often recommended to soothe tooth sores and cleanse bacterial infections.

Senior citizens are told to hold a <2300 mg/d level of daily sodium consumption. Even though the statistics don’t require you to limit their salt intake, it is usually advised that the elderly watch their sodium intake especially to protect their teeth. But a study by the Institute of Medicine shows was no significant evidence showing correlation between sodium consumption and mortality rate.


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